Mikayla Ridley

Throughout her career, Mikayla has been a staunch advocate for the social, political, and economic changes that will put our country's power back where it belongs—in the hands of average American citizens. 


Mikayla has worked in the education sector since graduating from college, and her experiences have motivated her to run for public office. Education can take many forms, and not everyone wants or needs a four-year college degree. But everyone should have access to one.  Education, when well-funded, can be the great equalizer, but Mikayla has seen and experienced the systemic problems that keep that from being true. She has watched our national conversation transform from "what kind of education do you want?" to "what kind of education can you afford?" and she knows that we are long overdue for a change.  

From education to healthcare to social justice, Mikayla's life experiences are what drive her passion for political and economic reform. She hopes to bring that passion to Capitol Hill and serve her community as the representative for New York's 22nd Congressional District. 

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